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our charges

We charge by the hour. Depending on the amount of work we need to do, that is about 1250-1350 words; working on paper documents (and PDFs) is slower for us (and more expensive for you) than working on your MS-Word originals.

We base our estimates on a number of factors: the size of the task; the complexity (academic work is more complicated than other proofreading, due to the reference checking that is necessary); the initial quality (the amount we have to do to give the work a satisfactory polish); and so on. Our estimation is based on an AI tool we have developed for this purpose, and is constantly refined as we carry our more work.

For web site appraisals, we seem to average around 15-20 minutes per page of a live site.

For very large items (e.g. initially estimated to be longer than 3-5 days), we may ask for either representative samples, or the opportunity to see it all to select samples to work on, so that we may do a test edit to estimate the project more accurately.

We generally invoice at completion of a job – payments due within 10 working days of the invoice – although for large items, for clients with whom we have not previously dealt, we may ask for a deposit before we start work (to be offset against the final invoice).

This is a link to our Client Guide and Terms of Trade document. It tells you what we need to know from you so we can do our best work, and our Terms of Trade.

To obtain a free "guesstimate" for a proofread of your work, please complete and submit the form below, and we will respond as soon as we are able:

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