The source of information for this site has been The Dragonflies of New Zealand, by Richard J. Rowe, ISBN 1-86940-003-8 (Auckland University Press, 1987). Sadly, out of print, and as far as I can tell, unobtainable new from anywhere in New Zealand or anyone advertising on the internet. It is available in some public libraries in New Zealand; I was lucky enough to have an order with a second-hand bookshop when a library disposed of a copy. The book describes 6 damselflies and 11 dragonflies, with photographs of some (but not, regrettably, all). This is more about the biology of the animals than about recognising them, and is a fascinating book, though pretty technical; in the time since it was written my own observations suggest that a few changes in populations and distributions may have occurred.

There are other books available in New Zealand which mention dragonflies. I have been disappointed in that the ones I have found have generally stated that there are several, and then they may display as many as two or three photos, with the identification either at the level of "dragonfly", or more accurate but incomplete (e.g. showing a coffee-coloured animal described as "black", without explanation for the colour mismatch). Rowe's appears to be the only comprehensive text available.

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